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Chairman's Message

STUNNING H.S.E.B.SCHOOL & IT COLLEGE has been successfully contributing to society by producing academically proficient, highly disciplined, and socially and morally conscious graduates for many years. Responding to the advice of our well-wishers to expand our services to a higher level, we have constructed a well-equipped multi-story building in Golbazar, Ashanpur 7. We have commenced classes for XI and XII in Management under NEB/HSEB since 2065 and law since 2074. Additionally, STUNNING operates STUNNING College at the Bachelor’s level, affiliated with APU for IT education.

STUNNING has ambitious plans to introduce Science, Humanities, and Education streams in the near future for +2 education and Master’s programs at the university level within its own dedicated building and premises.

STUNNING was founded with the vision of offering exceptional opportunities to SLC/SEE, +2, bachelor’s, and master’s graduates, enabling them to pursue high-quality education in a modern, well-equipped environment. Our institution boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure, dedicated faculty, and meticulously designed academic programs. Our commitment goes beyond simply helping students achieve their academic potential; we also prepare them to tackle the challenges that lie ahead. The choice of the right institution for higher education is a crucial decision that will significantly impact one’s future. Opting for STUNNING is a wise choice, as our goal is to nurture dynamic young individuals who will evolve into valuable citizens and take on leadership roles both nationally and internationally.

STUNNING’s academic programs are both precise and rigorous, with faculties selected not only for their teaching excellence but also for their willingness to work closely with students. Speaking of our student body, they are chosen from a competitive pool of applicants based on their academic enthusiasm and personal qualities.

I take this opportunity to invite everyone to visit our schools and college; and solicit support to us in our educational endeavours.

Babu Kaji Kaspal


Principal's Message

Every parent, guardian, and society seeks the finest educational institution to ensure their children can build successful careers, shape the future, and attain peace and prosperity in the 21st century. STUNNING Boarding Secondary School, STUNNING English Secondary School, and STUNNING College are the institutions that help realize these aspirations. We are making strides with a dedicated team comprising highly qualified and experienced lecturers, professors, and professional management staff. We possess ample physical facilities and provide a tranquil environment to support our broad educational mission, which is centered on delivering a modern and high-quality education while fostering joyful learning experiences for every child.

At STUNNING, we firmly believe in the principle of “learning by doing.” Consequently, our faculty members adopt a practical approach in their teaching methods, engaging students in fieldwork and project-based learning. We recognize that students require a conducive learning environment to excel and become skilled professionals who can bring pride to our nation and dignity to the world. Our goal is to empower our students to explore the boundless opportunities the world has to offer as they step into the realm of STUNNING.

STUNNING offers Bachelor’s programs located in Srijana Nagar, Bhaktapur, situated behind the Transportation Management Service Office. This institution is known as Universal STUNNING College.

STUNNING H.S.E.B.SCHOOL & IT COLLEGE has been run at the same place.

Mr. Anil Kaspal


Know Us

STUNNING was founded in 2007 AD with the motto “Education for Peace and Prosperity.” It stands as a contemporary, proactive, and attentive educational institution, dedicated to equipping students to face the challenges and embrace the opportunities of the 21st century. Our aim is to nurture capable and well-disciplined global citizens. STUNNING is renowned for its learner-focused educational approach.

Over the past sixteen years, STUNNING has achieved unparalleled success across all educational tiers, establishing itself as synonymous with excellence in education. It has earned numerous prestigious national and international accolades in recognition of its innovative educational approaches and outstanding examination results.

Since its establishment, STUNNING has continuously made significant contributions to the nation by producing academically proficient, highly disciplined, socially and ethically aware, and responsible graduates. It has firmly established itself as the foremost institution for delivering world-class education, as evidenced by its exceptional results in various national-level academic examinations and extracurricular competitions. The high achievers in numerous esteemed organizations and the skilled, capable, disciplined, and well-mannered graduates who are competing effectively in the global arena attest to the institution’s educational quality. With unwavering determination, STUNNING continues to pursue its vision of enhancing the capabilities of every individual associated with it, thus preparing them for a dignified life and enabling them to contribute to the nation’s development.

STUNNING took a pioneering initiative in 2007 by establishing the first +2 Management College in the Golbazar district. Additionally, it introduced the first +2 Science program. Operating under the motto “crafting your career, molding your future,” STUNNING has been dedicated to providing high-quality academic and extracurricular services to its students. The institution is deeply committed to shaping students’ careers in the fields of management and law, ensuring their success in the workplace, and preparing them as well-rounded, intelligent citizens.

In its mission to produce highly knowledgeable and proficient professionals in the field of Management, STUNNING has been offering BBS programs in affiliation with Tribhuvan University Nepal. Drawing from the confidence and expertise it has garnered in education over the past two and a half decades, STUNNING has ambitious plans to introduce the science stream for Grade 11 starting from the upcoming academic session. Additionally, since 2019, STUNNING has been providing a diverse range of Bachelor’s and Master’s programs, including BBA, BCA, BIM, BBM, BSc,IT, BHM, and others

STUNNING offers Bachelor’s programs located in Golbazar, situated behind the Transportation Management Service Office. This institution is known as Universal STUNNING College.

STUNNING English Secondary School has been run at the same place.

Vision and Mission

STUNNING aspires to become a leading, yet affordable institution for learning, character building and developing the all dimensions of each individual. We envision responsible, kind and smart students to best serve the nation in general and the world at large.

We are Committed

  • To excel in student-centered, practical-oriented education to cultivate skilled and valuable professionals.
  • To incorporate both local and international perspectives into the curriculum, promoting a sense of social responsibility and ensuring that students are familiar with global trends and practices.
  • To nurture individual talents and potential through a variety of extracurricular activities, clubs, and well-structured activities both within and outside the classroom.
  • To promote and support projects, research endeavors, fieldwork, and other innovative initiatives among both faculty and students.

Our Philosophy

Learning is an ongoing process, and there is no limit to what one can acquire. It’s a lifelong journey, and individuals have unique learning styles, with no one method being inherently better than another. Each person has the potential to contribute to a positive social synergy.

Our Goals

Our goals are to provide practical-oriented education, enable students to become self-dependent, responsible and thoughtful professionals and provide solid foundation for further studies.

Executive Board




Mr. Ratnaman Dangol

Mr. Rabin Katwal


Mr. Babukaji Kaspal


Mr. Anil Kaspal

Mr. Rajan Kaspal

Vice Principal

Mr. Sajan Kaspal


Ms. Shashi Kayastha Kaspal


Mr. Bidur Nagarkoti

Class Incharge

Ms. Mani Bhaila

Law Stream Coordinator

Mr. Shyam Sundar Shrestha

Librarian/Exam Incharge

Mr. Ram Prasad Pancha


Ms. Ganga Khanal


Mr. Bishnu Gumanju

Ms. Rabina Shrestha

Mr. Sanjeeb Shrestha

Front Desk Officer

Ms. Bijita Awal

Store/Adm. Incharge

Mr. Shekhar Khatri

Supporting Staff

Ms. Sangita Dotel Subedi

Mr. Ram Sundar Khadka

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