About Stunning

Situated at the business edge of Golbazar, Siraha, Stunning Higher Secondary English Boarding School established on 2007 AD, is overseen in the catchments of most-encouraged encompassing got use for youngsters to get exact reach of the metropolitan experience of first-hand learning chances. Notwithstanding the outsized premises that oblige open school structures added with full-size play areas for sports offices, Stunning Higher Secondary English Boarding School is furnished with most striking innovative access and offices.

The improvements as these permit the school not exclusively to hold homeroom exercises not stay inside the restrictions of books yet in addition stretch past for understudy practices to accept a shape as a progressing procedure of learning. Epitomized in the concordance of physical, mechanical, and scholarly elements, Stunning Higher Secondary English Boarding School emerges the ability to grasp training in the dynamic support of students. On this front, we at Stunning School are pleased that youngsters figure out how to take inception and take an interest independently in exercises that urge them to think fundamentally over any circumstance, break down the specific situation or data judiciously and reach consistent determinations.

All study hall from Nursery to +2, exercises at Stunning Higher Secondary English Boarding School are bolstered by current study hall advances and satisfactory assets. Our understudies are benefited simple and intentional access to utilize a wide scope of electronic devices like PCs, TV, projectors for scholastically pertinent exercises to strengthen their insight. Understudies complete a few ventures work in each subject, utilize different various media and print media along with web and online media to infer and portray materials of getting the hang of during the undertaking works. We at Stunning accentuate and include our understudies as professionals to every now and again connect with facilitators and friends to talk about, offer and settle on choices on the learning territories and themes, investigate the materials, survey and embrace for the ventures, arrange the substance and make ventures on the chose assignments. The venture and request based exercises at Stunning leave our youngsters with course books to gain from as well as loan down to earth presentations that reinforce their insight and comprehension coming about at the nexus of hypothesis and practice we offer an incentive to. Our key methodologies with a mix of scholarly coaching and offices at Stunning incorporate abundant instructive field excursions, national and universal visits, visitor address meetings coordinated in the standard educational plan. Through subject-based learning tests, critical thinking ventures, model arrangements, broad media introductions, shows, pretends, instructional exercise classes, virtual learning, bunch works, meetings, we at Stunning guarantee learning in brought development up in understudies who with the coordinated procedure are at the end prepared how to draw ideas and decipher them in the practices or in their application, in actuality, circumstances.

Our Infrastructure

Present-day research has demonstrated that great quality found in a school situation can significantly impact the general prosperity and scholastic yield of a kid. Stunning offers an ideal blend of the good framework, quality atmosphere, and present-day courtesies which go about as incredible impetus in the youngster's learning procedure. Kids learn and thrive when they have a mindful and supporting school condition as we have study halls arrangements in a manner that rouses understudies to learn. Our school building is deliberately situated in a calm and breezy area in the midst of excellent scenes and rich greenery. The school has introduced a standout level of furniture, play station, and other required types of gear. Stunning has youngster well disposed of pre-assembled fabricating that is viewed as seismic tremor obstruction, keeping wellbeing and security as a significant concern.

Computer Laboratory

Stunning Higher Secondary English Boarding School is prepared to meet the instructive needs of youngsters in the present driven advanced world. The school's PC lab is furnished with 60 PCs having their most refreshed hard and delicate frameworks running on the side of fast web network. As Stunning instructional method requests a greater amount of examination, our understudies and instructors are given boundless access to the lab and are constantly urged to utilize their extra time in the investigation related exploration utilizing PC and online sources fundamentally. Nonetheless, the understudies are guided with a severe implicit rules identified with the utilization of the web.


Stunning has a well-prepared cafeteria that gives hot veggie lovers all around cooked, new and sterile food to every one of our understudies and staff. Dinners are readied keeping sterile conditions in high need in our cutting edge kitchen via prepared staff under the bearing of an expert gourmet expert. Stunning gives 2 dinners offices (Lunch and Snacks). Wellbeing and Hygiene as fundamental for us to viably work, we at Stunning offer understudies, workforce, and staff an extremely harmonious office of lunch and snacks at the school cafeteria having space that easily obliges more than several clients one after another. Our cafeteria is overseen by the workforce prepared in neighborliness deputed to get ready and serve food with tardy guidelines our understudies, staff, personnel, and guests would require. The cafeteria offers suppers on seven days day menu comprising of an assortment of veggie lover dishes arranged on the study of nearby and mainland cooking styles.


At Stunning we put stock in self-investigating activity prompting learn, unlearn, and relearn for genuine figuring out how to take a shape in an individualized procedure for the better instructive result. For this, the library at Stunning has been a treasury of scholarly assets under activity and it loans every understudy and staff specialist boundless access to world-class reference books along with different kinds of learning assets containing research information. The school has its focal and sectional set-up of smaller than normal libraries enriched with the volumes of reference books, reference book, topical original copies, magazines and diaries that intrigue to understudies in getting connected with to self-started perusing that we appoint from the library in the model of checking on and there on creating the writing on science, general science, workmanship and different territories that add to scholarly development in understudies. As a treasury, the Library at Askharaa loans understudies sources to get aptitudes to gather, fundamentally break down, and arrange data in this way encouraging the arranging and usage of their learning programs. Great quality books create in understudies the propensity for perusing for joy, which thusly enhances the understudies' scholarly person, stylish, social, and passionate development. The school library is rich enough at Stunning to give educators access to applicable educational program data and expert advancement materials inside and outside the school. The stunning library has a book assortment of assets that address an assortment of perusers; additionally, we have book corners to rouse understudies to peruse. Book talks and D.E.A.R (Drop Everything And Read) time each Sunday adds appeal to the perusing society of Stunning.


Stunning has school transports and wingers for shipping understudies to and from school and different exercises. Stunning is likewise open from all pieces of the Golbazar Valley by open transportation.

Science Laboratory

Stunning Higher Secondary English Boarding School has introduced a great extensive science lab outfitted with sumptuous quality furnishings, materials, instruments, synthetic concoctions, and lab-hardware. Understudies get a direct learning experience by performing different examinations all alone under the direction of an instructor. Notwithstanding the successive utilization of the science lab, understudies at Stunning utilize our kitchen garden, school garden and are sent on field visits that impressively supplement with analyses of Science Lab. The Science Lab is worked for tests that give chances to understudies to comprehend science ideas, to look past the books, and customary study hall instructing. Science Lab at Askharaa assists understudies with creating logical information in the fitness of logical procedure of reasoning while at the same time learning is built-in examinations and developments made from that point. Stunning Higher Secondary English Boarding School organizes science in the model of viable discovering that is typically worked inside exercises of lab-analyzes other than field-visits and other experiential exercises we give space at various events subject and theme insightful. The science lab at Stunning is well-outfitted with present-day gadgets and lab-hardware masterminded in number adequate for coordinated access.


Stunning School organization considers for school kids, that after their home, school speaks to the second most persuasive condition in their life. We comprehend that out of a few understudies there are circumstances where a few understudies do have clinical and medical issues. To handle such issues, Stunning School has encountered, mindful and cherishing Health Care staff. There is a perceived connection among wellbeing and learning, so Stunning is truly worried about every kid's wellbeing. Stunning School makes some full memories of school nurture who is promptly accessible. This job incorporates giving preventive and screening administrations, wellbeing training, and help with dynamic about wellbeing. Stunning School has an Infirmary Room to deal with understudies experiencing medical issues. In the event of crisis circumstances, school attendants are very much situated to start to lead the pack for the school framework in cooperating with school doctors, network doctors, and network associations and give dependable clinical consideration to our understudies.


Notwithstanding offices of perusing, composing, introducing, acting, and investigating information for scholarly blessing and development, Akshara School ensures sports offices at its Playgrounds coordinated with scholastic mainlines for physical prosperity and introductions esteemed fundamental for an all-encompassing turn of events and youngster development.

Our Philosophy and Approach

Stunning Higher Secondary English Boarding School grasps an understudy focused constructivist reasoning of training. Inquest for this, we put forth most striking scholarly attempts to connect each understudy as a champ in independent instructive undertakings and come out with a sentiment of being remunerated for the most significant genuine abilities. At Stunning this way of thinking is validated in the instructive procedure worked in relevance with extraordinary standards of training, for example, mindfulness, independence, and realness that recommend significance of learning in self-drew inactivity whereof each student is perceived being exceptional of knowledge strengthened without anyone else propelled activities coming about because of individual contracts. Our encouraging procedures properly address numerous insight of the entire gathering. We accept that all-encompassing development of a youngster is conceivable just through a Balanced Education System. Fair training framework affirms age proper psychological improvement alongside satisfactory physical, passionate development, and social transformation. For this, Stunning Higher Secondary English Boarding School fabricates instruction inside the Learning-Reinforcement-Practice-Application (LRPA) module. This module as reminiscent of the Touch-Explore-Learn-Enjoy process assists understudies with expanding their intellectual skyline with fun, interest, and fervor. We urge youngsters to seek after their scholarly interest to have an independent perspective and afterward grow this to the network, national, local likewise connecting worldwide thus. With careful activity, we envision LRPA for imparting new education aptitudes regarded fundamental to creating every student as a worldwide resident. This system, holding with dynamic educational plan, upholds basic reasoning, joint effort, collaboration, innovativeness, and problem-solving abilities in student networks. Inquest for our vision to creating locally and universally esteemed resident, scholastically improving condition and master educators likewise organized by an outside emotionally supportive network, Stunning Higher Secondary English Boarding School makes sure about learning ambiances for every youngster where s/he can work on getting the hang of, unlearning and relearning assignments in a self-rulingly drew in the way with expanded self-contentment.

Stunning Higher Secondary English Boarding School is resolved to make an equitable society where mankind rules over race, ethnicity, sex, and religion. We treat all kids from various socio-social foundations with deference and nobility and offer every kid a chance to perceive and esteem such contrasts in standard acts of learning in group or errand based joint efforts. Our school exercises and air help our occupant understudies to learn confidence and thus offer appreciation to other people. We endeavor to advance and save our own novel customs and societies yet stress the utilization of present-day advances and progressions imported just as nearby. Coordinating the instructive procedure inside the LRPA module guided by the Philosophy, we at Stunning search for building up a sentiment of energy in the entirety of our kids. The School deliberately watches and arranges every single significant celebration celebrated the nation over in its unique structure. At these events, our plan of festivity is to make understudies acquainted with Nepalese socio-social viewpoints and ways of life. We likewise have day and night-stay excursions and instructive outings the country over and these are to advance a sentiment of adoration and regard to the nation and its assorted variety in our youngsters. Moreover, Stunning Higher Secondary English Boarding School offers a chance of over-ocean visits for our youngsters to get enough presentation of unfamiliar conventions, their socio-social viewpoints which would be basic to creating them as equipped worldwide residents