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Stunning Higher Secondary English Boarding School

Modern Learning Through LRPA

Our Philosophy and Approach

Stunning Higher Secondary English Boarding School grasps an understudy focused constructivist reasoning of training. Inquest for this, we put forth most striking scholarly attempts to connect each understudy as a champ in independent instructive undertakings and come out with a sentiment of being remunerated for the most significant genuine abilities. At Stunning this way of thinking is validated in the instructive procedure worked in relevance with extraordinary standards of training, for example, mindfulness, independence, and realness that recommend significance of learning in self-drew inactivity whereof each student is perceived being exceptional of knowledge strengthened without anyone else propelled activities coming about because of individual contracts. Our encouraging procedures properly address numerous insight of the entire gathering. We accept that all-encompassing development of a youngster is conceivable just through a Balanced Education System...

Learn Through LRPA

Learning — Reinforcement — Practice — Application

We follow one of a kind model called LRPA. With the adage 'learning through fun', we make learning of center speculations and qualities in the class thrilling and energizing. We have confidence in experiential learning. Through investigation, understudies are permitted to encounter firsthand learning encounters. The study hall exercises are not limited to books. Through dynamic investment, youngsters figure out how to think fundamentally over any circumstance, examine objectively, and reach legitimate inference. All study hall exercises are bolstered by present-day study hall innovation and satisfactory asset. Understudies are permitted to utilize a wide scope of electronic devices like PCs, PCs, TV, and projectors to strengthen their emotional information. Understudies complete a few ventures works in each subject, utilize different various media and print media, and utilize adequate cooperation with concerned seniors to fortify the scholarly hypothesis...

Our Services

We provide the opportunity to prepare for life

The auditorium is a versatile and vibrant space for celebrations, assembly, award ceremonies, sports, and drama. The well-equipped auditorium with high-quality lighting and sound with a seating capacity of 500 has frequent events that enhance an integrated experience. Additional well equipped and spacious halls are used for diverse activities revolving around performance arts and curricula beyond the books.

The cafeterias offer great wholesome delicious food. Each outlet serves you wholesome, healthy and hygienic meals. All the cafeterias comply to good hygienic food standards with dining areas that are clean and well ventilated. Premium quality ingredients Quality standards of hygiene and sanitation Clean drinking water and a limited number of healthy beverages.

Few things can equal the lasting pleasure of a good book carefully read; The library is the nook where students revel in the joys of reading. From academic research to classic novels, inspiring autobiographies on great personas and great lives, there is something to grab the interest of every book lover. The school has a well-equipped spacious library that presently boasts of an impressive updated collection of books from all genres.

Students at School are given the opportunity to participate in a wide range of sports and games in order to enhance social ethos, enjoyment, trust, and respect. In addition, it gives the necessary break from the everyday monotonous life.

The counselor plays a pivotal role to
• Resolve psychological and social issues in the growing age
• Mediate conflicts with their peers, teachers, or parents
• Improve moral attitudes, study habits, and time management
• Identify interests, strengths, and aptitudes through assessment

Education in School is incomplete without Sports. Sports enhances confidence, self-esteem and empowers. Students have won national and international acclaim in various sporting events. We make sure that none of the students miss out on wide ranging sports facilities and the plethora of activities and events.